Hello and welcome to our web-blog-thing about our overland travels around the world in Cuthbert the Truck.

We’re getting lots of questions about our truck, travels and plans. “Okay…”, we thought,”we’ll  join the 21st Century world of inter-webbery to update anyone who is curious”.

So what’s it about???

Well… it’s about us, travelling around in our camper-truck:  our planning, our routes, our adventures and particularly our trusty-truck (better known to his friends as Cuthbert).

Cuthbert is a big, blue, off-road camper-truck, on an Iveco Daily 4×4 chassis. It was converted for us by Bocklet Fahrzeugbau in Germany, based on their Dakar 630 model (see nice header picture above 🙂 ).

How did we get to overland travels ?

We’re currently in Central America, but it all started way back in December 2013. After 5 years working in Doha, Qatar, we went back to UK to spend January getting Cuthbert registered in UK and fitting him out with our kit.  In Feb/Mar 2014 we did a short Europe trip to test the new truck, an exercise which would obviously not have been complete without a thorough checking of the heating and insulation with a bit of ski-time in the Alps.

By April 2014 we were ready for the first ‘proper’ adventure: an amazing year touring the not-so-dodgy bits of Africa. We explored, sampled a few local wines and beers, watched a few animals, saw some nice scenery and reported the adventures on these very inter-web pages with our  Africa Blog. We spent summer 2015 back in Europe, then in October 2015 sailed with Cuthbert to Montevideo for a wander around the Americas. Over 2016/17 the South America Blog story emerged and since February 2018 it continues, by the magic of inter-webbery, with the Central America Blog.

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Bored yet?  If so, then move swiftly on to a more exciting website. Alternatively, read on…..

What ‘floats your boat’?

We have tried to make the stuff interesting from 3 main perspectives:

On the road with limited access to 21st century communications, the update frequency of the site is likely to be patchy, but we will add material when we can. As will be evident as you read on, our web-page creation skills are also ‘a work in progress’, but we are learning as we go along!

Where are Cuthbert’s followers????

After four years of this website, we are gob-smacked to see that our overland travels site received visits from… wait for it… 176 countries around the world!  Wowser!!!  As they say… it’s a ‘global village’ out there!   Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to have a look at our stuff (these hits can’t all be from our families 🙂 ) and particular thanks to everyone who has contacted us by Facebook and email via the Contact Page. If you feel the urge to drop us a line, we’d be really chuffed to hear from you.

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