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New Map, New Brakes!

Look, look, looook……. a new map of all our favourite bits of South America!  Zoom in, scroll around, click on the links!  If you’re itching to find out how we came to have such a fab new South America highlights map on our website, and how Cuthbert came to have such beautiful new brakes… read on below 🙂 Continue reading

Tom Sheppard’s VDEG

VDEGReaders of the Truck and Kit section of our website will have seen that we carried out some extensive research before choosing our vehicle and embarking on our Africa trip. One of the books that we found most informative and helpful, and which we highly commend to anyone planning overland travel in any kind of vehicle, is Tom Sheppard’s VDEG (‘Vehicle Dependent Expedition Guide’), published by Desert Winds.

Tom is one of the leading explorers and over-landing legends of our time and has accumulated more than 100,000 desert and over-landing miles over the years.  His travels such as leading the first coast-to-coast crossing of the Sahara (Atlantic to the Red Sea – for which he gained a Royal Geographical Society award) and his outstanding books on his extensive explorations of Algeria, have both informed us and helped to inspire us for our far less intrepid travels around Africa and beyond.

We are delighted and honoured that Tom has chosen to feature Cuthbert in the new 4th Edition of his VDEG book, together with some extracts from the technical sections of our ‘Tucks’ Truck’ website.

Full details of Tom’s VDEG 4th Edition can be found at:

What could possibly go wrong? (Snags and spare parts)

Snags and spares to carry in an overland truck Lists of parts are always a good way to start a heated debate on spares to carry in an overland…