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Vote for Cuthbert

You:Hey Tucks’ Truck… aren’t you in that Overland Sphere travel-blog competition?” 

Us:Why, yes. Indeed we are. Thank you for asking

You:So how can I vote for you?

Us:Well, kind person, just click here or on the photo-link and click your vote. Your mission is accomplished! Thank you 🙂

Watch this space. First blog from Panama coming soon… we promise!



Story Boxes… the big update!

So we’ve been a bit slack on the blog updates recently…. not our fault… we blame the location really! You see, it’s all down to this fab beach-camp.  We’ve been doing a bit of pottering about, cleaning and maintenance on Cuthbert, generally ‘chilling out’ (as we believe the kids say these days)  and… Oh yes…. doing a bit of whale watching – more on this in the next blog coming soon (promise!).  Anyway… we’ve managed to fit in a bit of fancy-pants web-site stuff. Check out these travel blog stories…

Click on the link for our new ‘Story Boxes’ Page. This pulls together lots of our favourite and the most ‘Liked’ stories and posts of our three and a half years on the road so far, across Africa and South America. There might be a slight formatting/display issue on some mobile devices… we’ll see if we can work on that. Let us know if you have any problems with it and what you think.

travel blog stories