Europe Blog

Here’s all about our short overlanding Europe. Europe’s a fabulous place to travel, easy going and lots to see. For us it was a great place to test-out Cuthbert our new camper truck and make sure everything is ‘tickety boo’ before we head off to Africa.

So far we have done two short ‘Euro-tours’ to see some of the best sights, to ski, but mostly to enjoy the excellent hospitality of our friends and family spread across various countries [Back to Home Page].

Europe Blog - Tester Trip (Jan-Apr 2014)
So we've just got a fabulous brand-new truck and we can't wait to try it out... 🙂
Europe Blog - Summer 2015
Back from a year in Africa, another Euro-tour...
Europe Photos
Hmmm... still learning about this photography stuff 🙂
Europe Route Map
Quite a lot of ground covered in western/central Europe!