Lesotho – ‘Operation Escape Easter’

Cuthbert hits the tracks of Lesotho on 'Operation Escape Easter' :-)

Cuthbert hits the tracks of Lesotho on ‘Operation Escape Easter’ 🙂

For just over a week we wandered the beautiful mountain kingdom of Lesotho with the primary mission of seeing the country. Our secondary mission in Lesotho is to avoid the inevitable Easter school holiday crowds in the popular resorts, which we have creatively named ‘Operation Escape Easter’.  For the avoidance of doubt, this ‘escaping’ of Easter applies only to the avoidance of the holiday crowds and certainly not to the avoidance of the traditional consumption of large quantities of chocolate, a custom which we will rigorously and selflessly uphold over the period 😉 ). The only downside of our time in Lesotho has been the lack of internet connectivity (or is that on the plus side? 🙂 ).  Now we’re back in the twenty-first century of South Africa again for the final leg of the Africa trip, we have updated the Africa Blog. Click here to see our Lesotho page and the links below for the stories on: