Practical Info and Sources

Thinking back to our research and decisions for buying our truck and the planning for our travels, we found other peoples’ websites of practical information very helpful.  If it is of assistance to anyone out there planning similar adventures, this section and its sub-pages set out the practical stuff and the sources of our information and equipment. We will build on this and add more information as we go along, but if you have any specific questions, you can contact us via the Facebook Page ‘Tucks Truck’ or our email address is on our Contact page.


We’ve shipped Cuthbert long-haul three time now. He’s too big for a container, so he always goes Ro-ro.  First he went to South Africa from Europe and back, both ways unaccompanied. Then he went from Europe to Uruguay when we accompanied him on the freight ship for five weeks. Click link to see full details: Shipping


a potential (expensive) minefield with some difficult decisions on cost -v- risk! Click on the link to see the conclusions that we reached: Insurances

Useful Websites

list of the various sources of information and suppliers of equipment that we have found helpful. Click on the appropriately named link: Useful Websites

Vehicle and Kit

Factors and decisions on choosing a base vehicle for an overland truck (Choosing the Truck), plus all the technical information on Cuthbert the Truck, click on the links: The Truck – technical stuff and Modifications and Repairs.

Kitchen, Food and Cooking (KFC)

Getting this right on the road is something to re-learn as you change climates and continents. In Africa we did loads of out-door cooking, but in the cold of the high-Andes, less so!  I’ve put a few thoughts down at Kitchen, Food and Cooking, and some specific Africa ideas at Overlanding Food – Africa.  Depending on your preferred diet you’re bound to miss a few things from home. I found a couple of Favourite Mega-simple Recipes for some of things that we miss.

Africa-specific – Practical stuff

Travel in Africa can bring specific challenges. Here we’ve added a few of our thoughts/notes on some of the practical issues we encountered: Practical Stuff – Africa.

South America-specific – Practical stuff

To be honest we found that South America brought us far fewer practical problems than Africa had, but a few things stand-out… fuel and high-altitude springs to mind 🙂  Click here for a few tips on South America – Practical Stuff