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This started life as a single blog-page for the whole of South America but it all got a bit stressful…  we’ve had to break it down a bit:

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IMG_6774EE CompUruguay, Argentina & Chile (Nov ’15 – May ’16) – after 5 weeks at sea on Grimaldi’s Grande Nigeria arriving in Uruguay (To Montevideo by freight ship), we spent just a few hurried days in Uruguay before rushing to Argentina for the San Antonio de Areco Gaucho Fiesta. Click here for the full blog-story of our travels through Argentina and Chile.

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Bolivia and Brazil (May ’16 – August ’16) – We first rushed across Bolivia to get to Brazil before the on-set of the dreaded phenomenon known as ‘school holidays’ in July. A great few weeks was spent in the Pantanal and western Brazil before returning for a more detailed look around Bolivia. Click here for the full blog-story of our Bolivia and Brazil travels.

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20160828_092315EcompPeru and Ecuador (August ’16 – December ’16) – Our time in Peru and Ecuador has be dominated by extraordinary trips with great friends. Karen and Jimmy flew out to meet us in Peru for an amazing trek to Rainbow Mountain and a rock-climb to sleep hanging off a cliff face! In Ecuador, Mark and Lindsey flew out to meet us for an unforgettable Galapagos cruise. Click here for the full blog stories from Peru and Ecuador.

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Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina (December ’16 – February ’17) – After picking up Cuthbert’s new tyres and spending Xmas/New Year in Arica, Chile, we encountered some frustration tracking down the Dakar Rally in Bolivia. We found it in the end, then rescued some bona-fide TV celebrities in the Bolivian highlands before crossing Paraguay towards the Iguassu Falls on the Argentina/Brazil border. Phew… all that in a couple of months!! Click here for the full blog stories from Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina.

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