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Mud-roading Cuthbert – The Videos

A belated Happy New Year for 2018!Ā  Over the Christmas chill-out, Marcus ‘Spielberg‘ Tuck has put together some more video stuff from our 2017 moochings around South America in Cuthbert. Four short videos including the mega-adventure double-feature-set of mud-roads through the Amazon jungle, hiking through Colombia’s towering wax-palms and a super-moon setting at dawn.

First ‘proper’ blog of 2018 coming soon, but in the meantime… get your popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show šŸ™‚ Ā  Continue reading

Amazon-ing Overlanding

The Amazon: awesome, exciting, wildlife, adventure, river eco-zone? Or hot, humid, over-bearing, mud-ridden, insect-infested swamp? The Amazon jungle has been all of these things to us (and more) over the last few months. With highs and lows. Most recently we cut diagonally across the AmazonĀ overland driving the BR-319 mud road. As we now leave Brazil and the Amazon for the last time on this trip, heading west again into the Peruvian Andes, weā€™ve taken a quick scanĀ back over this sometimesĀ challenging butĀ rewarding overlandingĀ route.Amazon overland Continue reading

Driving the BR-319 (with free pants and a soup tin)

The BR-319 is one of Brazilā€™s most notorious routes, a mud-road cutting diagonally across the centre of the Amazon rainforest. After our dolphin swim and tourist-time in the city of Manaus, itā€™s time for a bit of ā€˜properā€™ overlanding. On one of the most remote tracks in South America, we get some free pants and find a novel use for a Campbellā€™s soup tin!
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Manaus and the Venezuela Option

Weā€™re back in Brazil. Friendliest country in South America, maybe even on the planet! French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana have been a fascinating, enjoyable de-tour and one that relatively few travellers make when overlanding South America. But Brazil puts them all in the shade when it comes to enthusiastic welcomes. Even when we canā€™t understand a word they say, Brazilians say it with a big smile and a thumbs-up! Now we’re in far north Brazil wondering what to do next…

Manaus Opera Houses

Manaus Opera House – challenging those fancy Europeans!

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Guyana: Rupununi

Every now and then, overlanding travel throws up not just a gem, but a surprising gem. A kind of ā€œWell! Who knew???ā€ moment. In south Guyana we have such a moment. After the minor disaster that was our short-lived attempt to reach Kaieteur, in theĀ Guyana RupununiĀ weā€™re surprised to find compensation in spades: the beauty of the savannahs and the little visited Amerindian petroglyphs.

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So… Suriname!

Suriname, Surinameā€¦ where exactly is that? Near Vietnam? Nope. Next door to Ghana? Errr, no. Itā€™s on the north coast of South America, above Brazil, snuggled comfortably between French Guiana and Guyana. Itā€™s in the northern Amazon basin, so itā€™s hot, humid and ā€“ at the risk of stating the bleedinā€™ obvious – jungly!Ā  Weā€™ve been here a month now and one of our highlights has been entertaining jungle kids with their first everĀ drone sighting (click here). But Suriname hasĀ some history, great wildlife and other stuff to seeĀ too, including some interestingĀ ā€˜bird-cage cultureā€™. Here’s theĀ Suriname travel blog…

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21st Century Jungle: The Video!

Catching up a bit here with the last blog about our jungle trip in Suriname. Now, get yourself some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the Suriname Jungle Video: MaroonĀ kids chasingĀ their first ever drone! Sooooo cute!

Suriname: 21st Century Jungle

Suriname has rather a lot of jungle. In fact, itā€™s pretty much all theyā€™ve got here. Best we take a peek then. Last blog we had theĀ thrill ofĀ a live rocket launch in French Guiana, now we see the jungle kids’ thrill of seeingĀ their first drone!Ā We’re heading far in-land, well beyond where Cuthbert our camp-truck can take us. Hereā€™s the story in our Suriname jungle blog …
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Amazon Delta

You canā€™t just drive across the Amazon Delta you knowā€¦ youā€™d get a bit wet. Cuthbert earned his ā€˜Water-fording Proficiencyā€™ badge reaching the LenĆ§Ć³is Maranhenses but this time we need to put him on a barge which zig-zags over 38 hours between the mangroves and islands, crossing the Amazon Delta. Compared to the much travelled western side of the continent, this north-eastern route of South America is, even in the dry season, relatively little trodden by the ā€˜overlanding communityā€™. In the currently prevailing rainy season, even fewer travellers venture up here. Hmmmā€¦ maybe thereā€™s a good reason for that!! crossing the amazon delta Continue reading

Amazon and Mud

Amazonā€¦ the well-known patch of rainforest rather than a profitable on-line retailer. Weā€™re in the Bolivian bit of it known as the Madidi; the most southerly extent of the vast Amazon Basin. To get there we go from Death Road to Rurrenabaque. Itā€™s hot, humid and of course, jungly (see route map).


There’s a lot of trees in Madidi

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