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KFC (Kitchen, Food & Cooking)

IMG_0617Which smart cookie once said “an army marches on its stomach”?  Napoleon?  Frederick the Great?  Colonel Sanders? Whoever…  they could have had the courtesy to mention the 21st century overland traveller in this quote too!  It takes a substantial amount of tasty food (washed down with the odd beer and wine) to provide the energy to get around Africa you know 🙂 !

We have been asked a few questions about our food supplies and cooking whilst on the road. So how do we go about this?  We like eating in cafes/restaurants when nice ones are available, but in Africa this is a question of ‘managing expectations’.  Gourmet establishments with a Michelin Star are far and few between 🙂 !  Unless you have exceptional culinary courage, a limited taste palate and a cast-iron stomach, then self-catering is often the only safe option in some parts of rural Africa. A whole book could be written about the overlanding foodie experience alone, but the gastronomic discovery journey is a major part of the adventure, so we have limited our contribution to the topic with just a few notes on our ‘Top-Tips’ learned so far (click on the links below):

We’d be happy to hear from anyone with comments/suggestions on any ‘vital’ kitchen gadget or recipes to enhance our slightly less than gastronomic life in Cuthbert (see our Contact page).