Truck and Kit

Click on the links below for all the detail on how we chose our overland truck and kit to carry… all the technical specifications and… for the real techie-geeks… full detail on the modifications and repairs

The Truck - Technical Stuff
All the techie-stuff about kitting-out and operating Cuthbert overlanding
Modifications and Repairs
Cuthbert is great, but nothing is perfect 🙂
Choosing the Truck
There's a lot of choice out there on the market... here's how we ended-up with a Daily 4x4
Introducing Cuthbert
Cuthbert... a slow-ish car, but a very fast house 🙂
Inside Cuthbert
We think Bocklet did a great job for us. A comfortable home, literally... anywhere!
Kitchen & Catering Kit
It's not all about techie-stuff... we have to eat too!